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Georgia Driver's Licnese Info & Resources:

  1. Georgia Driver's License And State ID
  2. Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles
  3. Georgia DMV Regional Office Locations - regional service centers, office hours and addresses.
  4. Georgia DMV Related Forms and Applications
  5. Moving to Georgia, Non Resident Motorists
  6. Info for Georgia DMV Teen Drivers
  7. Official Georgia State Website

Requirement to obtain a Georgia driver's License

Georgia law requires that any person wanting to operate a motor vehicle on the roadways of this state obtain a Georgia driver's license or permit within 30 days of becoming a resident. A person meeting at least one of the following criteria is considered a Georgia resident according to Georgia law:
• A person who has a permanent home or abode in Georgia and, when absent, has the intent of returning;
• A person who accepts employment or engages in any trade or occupation in Georgia or who enters his/her children in school;
• Any person that has been in the state for 30 days or more.

Classes of Non Commercial Driver's Licenses in Georgia

Class C - Non-commercial license for drivers age 18 and older. (Also for drivers new to Georgia who are age 17 and who hold a valid Class C equivalent from another state.)
Class D - Provisional license issued to drivers ages 16 and 17.
Class M - License for motorcycle operators.
Class E, F - Non-commercial license for drivers who operate commercial motor vehicles and who are exempt from commercial licensing requirements.

Georgia Driver's Knowledge Exam

Driver's Knowledge exams are given on a walk-in basis at every Customer Service Center statewide.
Road Signs Knowledge Exam - A set of questions on the meaning of standard highway signs will be given. This test is given in English only. You will be asked to identify certain signs, signals and markers. You must correctly answer 15 out of 20 questions to pass.

Road Rules Knowledge Exam - The road rules test consists of a set of questions about driver responsibility, knowledge of laws, and safe driving practices applicable to the class of license for which you are applying. You must correctly answer 15 out of 20 questions to pass.

Sample Questions of Georgia Driver's License Knowledge Exam

1. Water on the road can cause a vehicle to hydroplane. Your car may hydroplane at speeds as low as:
a. 45 miles per hour
b. 35 miles per hour
c. 40 miles per hour

2. What is the proper way to enter an expressway from the entrance ramp?
a. Go down the ramp and cross over to the traffic lane as soon as possible.
b. Use the acceleration lane to blend into the traffic.
c. Go down to the bottom of the ramp and stop until it is safe to enter the expressway.

3. If, while driving, a tire suddenly blows out, you should:
a. Grip the steering wheel firmly, slow down, and exit from the traffic lanes.
b. Pump the brakes rapidly.
c. Brake hard and steer toward the right edge of the roadway.

4. The maximum speed limit on a rural Interstate Highway is:
a. 60 miles per hour.
b. 70 miles per hour.
c. 55 miles per hour.

5. You are driving behind a motorcycle and want to pass. You must:
a. Stay in the right lane as much as possible, because the motorcycle is small and doesn't use all of the lane.
b. Blow your horn to make the motorcycle move onto the shoulder so that you can pass.
c. Have your vehicle entirely into the left lane before and during the pass.

6. If you are involved in an accident, one of the immediate requirements is to:
a. Render aid to the injured.
b. Notify your insurance agent.
c. Notify the Secretary of State's Office.

7. The Georgia Implied Consent Law means that:
a. You must sign a statement that you will not drive a motor vehicle after drinking more than three drinks.
b. You agree to be tested for the amount of alcohol in your blood, if you are arrested for drunk or impaired driving.
c. You consent to have a blood sample taken if an officer stops you for driving recklessly.

8. Streets and highways are most slippery:
a. When it has been raining hard for several hours.
b. When they are clean and dry.
c. Just after it starts to rain.

9. The proper way in which to make a right turn is:
a. Slow down and get into the lane nearest the center line.
b. Signal and get into the lane nearest the right curb.
c. Approach the corner in the lane nearest the right curb, but move over toward the middle of the street before turning.

10. You may pass on the right of another vehicle when:
a. Both answers.
b. When travelling on a multi-lane highway carrying two or more lanes of traffic in the same direction.
c. The other vehicle is making or about to make a left turn, when a lane is provided to pass on the right.

11. When driving behind another vehicle at night, you should:
a. Keep your headlights on low beam.
b. Use your high beam headlights until you are within 10 feet of the vehicle ahead.
c. Use your high beam headlights.

12. A solid yellow line, on your side of the center line, means:
a. Reduce speed.
b. Traffic light ahead.
c. Do not pass.

13. If you have to stop on the shoulder of a freeway because of an emergency, you should:
a. Raise the hood to indicate trouble, and wait in your car for help.
b. Stand behind your car to warn traffic that you have stopped.
c. Get out of your car and walk for help.

14. You have allowed the wheels of your vehicle to run off the edge of the pavement. You should:
a. Release the gas pedal and turn the front wheels slightly to the left to edge the car back on the pavement.
b. Hold the steering wheel firmly; release the gas pedal; and gently apply the brakes. Return to the pavement when the vehicle has slowed enough to allow roll steer back onto the highway safely.
c. Apply the brakes and turn the front wheels sharply to the left.

15. It is more dangerous to drive at night than in daytime, because:
a. You cannot see as far ahead at night.
b. The road is probably more slippery at night.
c. Your reaction time is slower at night.

correct answers are : 1b, 2b, 3a, 4b, 5c, 6a, 7b, 8c, 9b, 10a, 11a, 12c, 13a, 14b, 15a

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