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Free Practice of DMV Test Questions

Wisconsin Drivers' License Test 2024 - FREE Practice!

DMV Test Simulator and Flashcards :

Wisconsin Driver's Licnese Info & Resources:

  1. Wisconsin Driver's License And State ID
  2. Wisconsin DMV Publications - Driver's Handbook, Guide, Manual, Highway Code.
  3. Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles
  4. Wisconsin DMV Regional Office Locations - regional service centers, office hours and addresses.
  5. Wisconsin DMV Related Forms and Applications
  6. Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Registration
  7. Moving to Wisconsin, Non Resident Motorists
  8. Info for Wisconsin DMV Teen Drivers
  9. Official Wisconsin State Website
The Instruction Permit - If you have not previously held a driver license, you must fist get an instruction permit at a DMV Service Center. You may drive only when you are accompanied by a person with two years driving experience who holds a valid regular (not probationary or occupational) license and who sits in the front passenger seat

The Probationary LicenseA Probationary license is the fist license issued to new drivers regardless of age. It is valid for two years from your next birthday. Points are doubled for the second and subsequent convictions for traffic violations. If you are under 18, for the fist 9 months of holding your Probationary
license you will have restrictions on who can ride with you.

The Skills Test - During the skills test, the examiner will tell you where to drive. You will need to demonstrate the following driving skills:
- follow other traffic
- change lanes
- pass
- back up
- parallel park
- make a Y-turn
- pull over to the side of the road and stop
- turn left or right on divided highways, two-lane or one way roads
- move from a parked position onto the roadway
Th examiner will score your attention and alertness, how well you obey traffic rules, handle the car (including shifting if the car has a manual shift), share space and communicate with other users of the road.

Sample Study Questions

1. At an intersection, drivers turning left must yield to what?

2. How far ahead should you look when you are on the open highway?

3. How can you see if there is a car in your blind spot?

4. At what times does Wisconsin law say you must turn on headlights?

5. When else would you turn on your headlights?

6. What is a good rule of thumb for turning on your headlights?

7. You plan to pull into a driveway just beyond an intersection. When should you signal?

8. Name two places where you are likely to find slippery spots.

9. You are on a freeway entrance and have to wait for a gap in traffic before you can enter the roadway. What should you do?

10. What does a yellow sign mean?

11. What does an orange sign mean?

12. Under most conditions, what is the minimum safe following distance?

13. Name some conditions in which you need extra following distance.

14. What should you do if you are in an intersection and you hear a siren?

15. How do safety belts help you keep control of your car?

16. What should you do if you are involved in a crash with another car?

17. How many drinks does it take to affect your driving?

18. What drugs can affect your ability to drive safely?

19. What is "implied consent"?

Answers to the above sample study questions.

1. Pedestrians and vehicles approaching from the opposite direction, including bicycles.

2. Ten to 15 seconds.

3. Look over your shoulder.

4. Wisconsin law says between half-an-hour after sunset and half-an-hour before sunrise and when you cannot see a vehicle or person on the roadway at a distance of 500 feet.

5. On rainy, snowy or foggy days, when it begins to get dark, and when driving away from a rising or setting sun.

6. A good rule to follow is to turn on your headlights when you need to turn on your wipers.

7. After you cross the intersection.

8. In shady spots and on overpasses and bridges.

9. Slow down on the entrance ramp to wait for a gap, then speed up so you enter at the same speed that traffic is moving.

10. Yellow signs warn of a special situation or a hazard ahead.

11. Orange signs warn of construction work ahead.

12. A minimum of four seconds is the recommended following distance under ideal conditions.

- Driving on slippery roads.
- Th driver wants to pass.
- Following a motorcycle.
- Following drivers who cannot see you (trucks, buses, vans or vehicles pulling campers or trailers).
- Have a heavy load or are pulling a trailer.
- It is hard to see.
- Being followed closely.
- Following emergency vehicles.
- Approaching railroad crossings.
- Stopping on a hill or incline.

14. Drive through the intersection, then pull over to the right side of the road and stop.

15. Thy protect you from injury and, as a driver, keep you behind the wheel if you are hit from the side or make a quick turn.

- Stop at or near the crash site. If your vehicle can be moved, get it of the road.
- Do not stand or walk in traffic lanes.
- Turn of the ignition of wrecked vehicles.
- Stay away from downed power lines.
- Use triangles, flares or other warning devices to alert traffic
- If someone is injured, get help.
- Help anyone who is not already walking and talking.
- Get names and addresses of persons involved and of witnesses.
- Exchange information with other drivers involved.
- Contact the police and give them information on the crash.
- If it is a reportable crash, fie a written report with the DMV within ten days if the police did not fie a report.

17. Even one drink of alcohol can affect your driving.

18. Almost any drug, prescription or over the-counter, can affect your ability to drive.

19. You will honor any request by police to take an alcohol concentration test.

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