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Free Practice of DMV Test Questions

Indiana Drivers' License Test 2024 - FREE Practice!

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Indiana Driver's Licnese Info & Resources:

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  7. Official Indiana State Website

Indiana Driver Operator License

An operator license gives a holder 18 years of age or older full driving privileges to operate most standard vehicles on Indiana roads. Operator licenses for persons under 18 years of age are probationary.

Indiana Driver Examination

a. Vision Screening Test - all applicants for a license or permit are required to satisfy the minimum vision standards established by the Bureau.

b. A written examination - Written examinations are based on information contained in the BMV Driver's manual. Passage of the written examination demonstrates basic understanding of Indiana traffic laws and safe driving techniques.
Written examinations include multiple choice questions concerning traffic maneuvers, and knowledge of types of traffic signs.

If you fail to pass a written test, you must wait until the next business day to take the test again. An applicant can not take the road test until he or she successfully passes the written test.

All applicants must have the ability to read and understand highway signs regulating, warning and directing traffic, as well as knowledge of Indiana traffic laws.

c. Roadway Skills Test - After you pass your vision screening and your written test (if applicable), the examiner
will test your ability to drive by riding with you and observing how well you control the vehicle and observe the Indiana rules of the road. There is no charge for the drive test administered by the BMV driver examiner.

Indiana Learner and Operator Written Exam

This written test consists of 16 signs and 34 questions of which the applicant can only miss two signs and six questions to pass the knowledge examination.

Written Exam Sample Questions

1. At least 70% of accidents leading to property damage, injuries and death, is a result of:
A. Human Error
B. Malfunctioning traffic signals
C. Unsafe road conditions
D. Defective vehicles

2. The safe and legal passing of another vehicle requires that a driver:
A. Make sure the passing lane is clear of traffic and checks behind and to the left to make sure another car is not attempting to pass
B. Apply the brake and slow down
C. Pass when the lane marking is a solid line
D. All answers are correct

3. As fog can greatly reduce visibility of other vehicles, pedestrians and traffic signals, you should:
A. Drive cautiously and reduce speed
B. Do not use your high headlight beams
C. Use low headlight beams to illuminate the road and objects better
D. All answers are correct

4. A good defensive driver should:
A. Drive slowly at all times
B. Look out for the actions of other drivers
C. Travel at a constant speed
D. Only drive in familiar areas

5. When making a right turn on red at a red light, you:
A. Slow down and roll around the corner if no traffic is coming
B. Do not yield the right-of-way
C. Come to a complete stop and do not interfere with the right-of-way of any vehicles or pedestrians moving in the direction of the turn
D. Ignore a no turn on red sign

6. When driving on wet roadways, you should remember:
A. Pavement is slick immediately following a rainfall
B. Driving on wet roads can cause hydroplaning
C. You should give yourself additional time to stop
D. All answers are correct

7. A flashing red signal means:
A. A reason to slow down
B. Equivalent to (same as) a stop sign, and means the driver must stop
C. Caution, there may be danger
D. A signal to look both ways, then proceed

8. You should signal your intention to turn at least:
A. 200 feet before turning
B. 150 feet before turning
C. 100 feet before turning
D. 50 feet before turning

Practice DMV Test For Drivers License

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Free dmv written test sample questions, practice driving test online for unlimited times, surely pass the drivers' licence theory exams with absolute confidence!

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