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  1. Iowa Driver's License And State ID
  2. Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles
  3. Iowa DMV Regional Office Locations - regional service centers, office hours and addresses.
  4. Iowa DMV Related Forms and Applications
  5. Iowa Motor Vehicle Registration
  6. Moving to Iowa, Non Resident Motorists
  7. Info for Iowa DMV Teen Drivers
  8. Official Iowa State Website

Vision Screening Test

Vision is so important that Iowa requires that you pass a vision screening before you get a driver’s license or permit, or when you renew your license. This screening is to make sure you have at least 20/40 vision in at least one eye, with or without corrective lenses

Driver Knowledge Test

The knowledge test shows how well you know and understand highway signs and Iowa traffic laws. Each copy of the test tells you the number of questions you must answer correctly to pass the test. Iowa's larger driver's license stations offer a computer-based electronic way to complete the
knowledge exam. If you renew your license within 60 days of its expiration, you probably will not have to take the knowledge test again.

Road Driving Test

The driving test shows how well you can control your vehicle. Unless you can already legally drive in Iowa, you will need to have a licensed driver bring you and your test vehicle to the test site.

Types Of Driver's Licenses

Graduated Driver's License
Instruction Permit - Available at age 14, Must be held for a minimum of 6 months, Written approval of parent/guardian, Vision screening and knowledge tests, All driving must be supervised.

Driver Education - Available at age 14, Must have instruction permit

Intermediate License - Available at age 16, Must meet all conditions of instruction permit, Written approval of parent/guardian required, Must be held for a minimum of 12 months

Remedial Driver Improvement - Applies to all drivers under age 18

Full License - Available at age 17, Must meet all conditions of intermediate license, Written approval of parent/guardian required

Class C - Operator (Non-Commercial) This is the license most Iowans have.

Class D - Chauffeur (Non-Commercial) This license covers operation of light straight trucks and small passenger-for-hire vehicles.

Motorcycle - Motorcycle riders must have a license valid for motorcycle before being able to ride by themselves.

Motorcycle Instruction Permit - Restriction 1
Operator Instruction Permit - Class C Restriction 2
Commercial Instruction Permit - Restriction 3
Chauffeur's Instruction Permit - Restriction 4
Moped License - Restriction 5
Minor's Restricted License - Restriction 6
Minor's School License - Restriction 7

Commercial Driver's License (CDL)
Class A, Class B, Class C

Iowa Driver's License Sample Review Qeustions

1. Your vision will be checked any time you apply for or renew a permit or license in person.

2. You need to take a knowledge test if you renew your license within 60 days after your license expires.

3. The driving test determines if you can reasonably control your car.

4. If you are under 18 years old and married, or you are 18 years old or older and are applying for your first license or permit, you must furnish acceptable proof of your age and identity.

5. Acceptable proof of a primary document includes an out-of-state driver’s license or passport with a valid immigration form, as long as it shows your full name and birth date.

6. If you are practicing driving a motorcycle, the person with you must have a driver’s license which is valid for motorcycle and be within sight and hearing distance of you.

7. Your school license allows you to drive to and from school over the most direct route between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

8. The only requirement to drive a motorized bicycle (moped) is to legally register the moped.

9. If you are between 16 and 18, you must successfully complete an approved motorcycle education course to operate a motorcycle alone.

10. Military personnel have one year to renew an operator's license after leaving active duty.

11. Your license number may be your Social Security number.

12. You should always carry your permit or license with you when operating a motor vehicle.

13. If your license is lost or destroyed, you may get a duplicate, but must show proof of your age and identity again.

14. Your instruction permit gives you the right to operate a moped if you are 14 to 16 years old.

15. You need a license to operate farm machinery on your farm.

Correct Answers : 1. T
2. F
3. T
4. T
5. T
6. T
7. F
8. F
9. T
10. F
11. T
12. T
13. T
14. F
15. F

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