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Utah Driver's Licnese Info & Resources:

  1. Utah Driver's License And State ID
  2. Utah Department of Motor Vehicles
  3. Utah DMV Regional Office Locations - regional service centers, office hours and addresses.
  4. Utah DMV Related Forms and Applications
  5. Utah Motor Vehicle Registration
  6. Official Utah State Website

Utah's Classified Licenses

Class A - Minimum Age requirement is : 21; Over 26,000 lbs. towed unit "S" Endorsement Available Intrastate Only restriction

Class B - Minimum Age requirement is : 21; Over 26,000 lbs. single or comb vehicle Under 10,001 lbs. towed unit "S" Endorsement available Intrastate only restriction

Class C - Minimum Age requirement is : 21; Under 26,000 lbs. if used to transport: a. 16+ occupants, b. Placarded amounts haz. mat. "S" Endorsement available

Class D - Minimum Age requirement is : 16; All vehicles not defined as class A, B, C, or motorcycle, Taxicab endorsement available

License Tests

Eye (Vision) Test - The Division requires 20/40 vision and peripheral fields (side vision) of 90° in at least one eye to pass the vision test.

Written Test - The written test will include : 1. ROAD SIGNS – You may be shown several common road signs and asked to tell what they mean.
2. WRITTEN QUESTIONS – You will be asked to answer a number of written questions based upon information in the driver's handbook. The questions will be related to your specific type of license. CDL testing requires a specific written test or tests for the required license and/or endorsements. You are allowed to take two written tests in one day.

SKILLS TEST - The examiner shall require you to demonstrate your driving ability.

Sample Written Test Questions

1. During school hours, when children are going to (or leaving) school, the speed limit in a school zone is:
A. 15 mph
B. 20 mph
C. 25 mph

2. If you are uncertain of your physical, mental, or emotional status and how it could impact your driving, you should:
A. Ask a friend.
B. Refrain from driving.
C. Take an approved Driver's Education Class.

3. It is permissible to drive on the left half of the roadway:
A. To reach a parking place on the other side of the road.
B. When Crossing a railroad track.
C. When passing a car going the same direction on a two-lane road with sufficient Clearance.

4. On a two-way street, uphill curb parking requires:
A. Your steering wheel to be turned to the left.
B. Your steering wheel to be turned to the right.
C. Your right rear tire to be resting on the curb.

5. The recommended technique for parallel parking between two cars is to first:
A. Turn your wheels to the left.
B. Turn your wheels to the right.
C. Pull up even with the front car.

6. There may be times when driving 10 miles per hour is too fast for existing conditions.
A. True
B. False.

7. Use your lights anytime conditions keep you from seeing ahead:
A. 1,000 feet.
B. 500 feet.
C. 300 feet.

8. Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit in a residential area is:
A. 15 mph.
B. 20 mph.
C. 25 mph.

9. Unless otherwise posted the speed limit in a business area is:
A. 25 mph
B. 30 mph.
C. 45 mph.

10. When approached by an emergency vehicle, the driver must immediately:
A. Pull over to the right and stop.
B. Pull over to the right and slow down.
C. Pull to the right and put on your emergency flashers.

11. When following a vehicle at night, dim your lights when you are within ______ of the vehicle.
A. 100 feet.
B. 200 feet.
C. 300 feet.

12. You are required to signal any time you pull away from the curb.
A. True
B. False

13. Do not pass a school bus when its red lights are flashing.
A. True
B. False

14. Do not pass:
A. On hills or curves.
B. When school bus lights are flashing.
C. All of the above.

15. If operating a vehicle equipped with (ABS) anti-lock braking system you should pump the brake if your vehicle begins to skid.
A. True
B. False

16. In regards to rail safety.
A. Expect a train at any time.
B. The safety zone for pedestrians extends well beyond the outside steel rail.
C. Approaching trains are always closer and moving faster than you think.
D. All of the above.

Correct Answers for the above sample written test questions :
1 - B
2 - B
3 - C
4 - A
5 - C
6 - A
7 - A
8 - C
9 - A
10 - A
11 - C
12 - A
13 - A
14 - C
15 - B
16 - D

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